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Nominee for Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council Nurse of Excellence Award

April 3rd, 2019

Farah Berrios, Director of Care Coordination, is our nominee for the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council Nurse of Excellence Award. Nurses working in Care Management roles are often overlooked in the realm of nursing leadership. The roles they play are integral to progressing patients through the continuum of care.

What can we say when you ask us why we love our nominee? First of all she is a source of knowledge and inspiration to us all. She had to take over as director of the department when we had experienced a sudden loss in leadership without any notice. We had only known her as that great per-diem Care Manager that we had on the weekend who, somehow, always got everything done. She gave us the time we needed to get to know her and feel comfortable with her. That’s what a great nursing leader does. This was especially challenging for her because it was during a time of great uncertainty and transition for the hospital with new programs coming in, changing titles and workflows. She not only helped all of us through that time but she ended up spearheading the entire program for the hospital.

Farah is always very supportive to all staff, when we have challenging days. She knows our strengths and weaknesses and inspires us to grow as professionals. She encourages us all to seek certification in Case Management through her example. As a leader she is a great model of how to be trustworthy, understanding and kind. Her door is always open to listen to us whether it is to complain, vent, cry, or laugh. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time for us. As a great leader she knows how to keep her staff motivated and always shows her appreciation for our hard work, whether it’s a red coin or a simple email saying great job, you guys are amazing. She makes us want to be the best we can be. She has a great sense of humor, which is definitely needed in our profession, yet she is an inspiration to all her staff, both young and old. She helps us in our daily challenges and struggles in this ever changing healthcare environment. As healthcare changes, our role must change with it. She always keeps us informed of the latest changes in standards and regulations, and manages to adjust our workflow to meet those standards, even when our staffing makes it challenging. She doesn’t just dictate to us what we have to do, but encourages us to share our thoughts and opinions with the group to solve the issue at hand. That’s what a great leader does.  She is not only our Nurse of Excellence but she is also well a deserved choice for St Joseph’s hospital too.       

Farah is a true advocate for her staff and the nursing profession. Through her passion for nursing she has achieved great things and we are all thankful for her contribution to our profession. Our nominee is truly an outstanding professional nurse and we are proud to call her our Nurse of Excellence.