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St. Joseph Nurses Lend Their Expertise Overseas

June 5th, 2019

What started as a casual conversation between co-workers recently became a reality for two of St. Joseph Hospital nurses. Stephanie Narcisse, RN, and Melissa Mariconda, RN, were hoping to share their knowledge and had a desire to help others. Both women were interested in volunteering outside the U.S. and began researching the commitment and time required away from work.

They decided on International Volunteer HQ for its reputation and affordability and embarked on a volunteer trip to Delhi, India. Upon arrival, the nurses discovered that the clinic they were assigned to entirely depended upon volunteers to open. While there, Ms. Mariconda and Ms. Narcisse saw 20 to 40 patients each day. Since returning from this experience, they have shared their enthusiasm, describing it as “amazing”, “awesome” and “humbling.”

“It is shocking how much we have here and take for granted,” commented Ms. Narcisse. “We learned, helped and got to experience a very different culture. The people were wonderful!”

“People thanked us for every little thing we did for them,” recalled Ms. Mariconda. “They have so little and were so appreciative.”

The trip made such an impression on them that they plan to return to Delhi, hoping to convince other clinical volunteers to join them on their next healing mission.

For more information, call 516-520-2500.