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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Since 1997, pastoral care staff and volunteers have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, providing healing and spiritual comfort to those in need.

Pastoral care services are tied closely to our ability to deliver compassionate care for people from all walks of life and of every religious belief and ethnic group. We understand that dignity is medicine for the soul and are proud to provide the services that reflect the spirit of our shared humanity and the teachings of the Church. Our staff respect your spiritual practices and beliefs, and we invite you to call upon the pastoral care staff, whether or not you follow a specific religious tradition.

In order to serve you better, our team is comprised of a Priest, Chaplains, Spiritual Care Companions, Eucharistic Ministers and other Volunteers; to meet with your Sacramental needs, process your feelings and emotions and make friendly visits to help brighten your day.

We provide the spiritual and religious resources as well as Bereavement Support Group Services for those in need

We will also call your local clergy person, church, parish, mosque, synagogue, or religious community upon your request. 

The Chapel is open for your quiet prayer moments and meditations.

The Eucharist is celebrated at Noon Wednesdays and Sundays.

For further information, contact Pastoral Care at 516-520-2706.

Read the CHS Ethical Religious Directives