SJH Operation Gratitude Letter

On behalf of operation gratitude and the heroes who receive our care packages, I thank you for your generous donation of 148 lbs of candy and your dedication to our mission. Your contribution will enable us to send over 200,000 'chock full' care packages this year to the tens of thousands of brave men and women still deployed overseas in harsh and remote areas; to their children anxiously awaiting their return; and to veterans, new recruits, first responders, wounded heroes and their caregivers.

With the help of caring Americans like you, since our inception in 2003 we have sent more than 1.9 million operation gratitude care packages containing snacks, hygiene products, entertainment and handmade items, and personal letters of appreciation. These expressions of love and concern from fellow citizens offer our military and first responders a much deserved "thank you for your service" and are always greeted with enthusiasm and great appreciation.

As one Navy sailor and New York Police Department officer recently wrote:

"Every box, every piece of paper, every cloth, every book, EpiPen, every pencil, every notebook, every brush, every toothpaste, every shower gel, every puzzle every, every magazine, every letter, every piece of candy… That means a lot to us when we are away from home. It gives us hope, confidence, happiness, strength and pride and somebody thinks about us that someone is there for us. Thank you all. God bless America"

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In 2013, we celebrated the assembly and delivery of our 1 millionth care package. With your kind support, we will be able to send our two millionth care package this year on December 9, 2017!

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and wonderful patriotic spirit. Every single donation we receive furthers our mission of saying "thank you" to those who serve. Recipients of your generosity will remember your kindness forever. As a 20 year marina new CEO of this amazing organization, I will always be appreciative of your support and encouragement for operation gratitude. You’re truly making a difference!

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